Travessias artesanais

The history of Ceará can be told through the manual work of artisans who live from one end of the state to the other. From the coast to the hinterland, passing through the mountains and small communities, there is always a group preserving the knowledge of their ancestors and producing, in their own way, beauties with fabric, thread, needle, straw, and other tools that we discover whenever we delve into these traditions.

Driven by the commitment to nurture and valorize the artisanal knowledge of our region, Catarina Mina partnered with SEBRAE-CE to strengthen this network through the Travessias Artesanais project. Throughout the year, we will be working with artisan groups from 6 different cities: the labyrinth of Aracati, the bobbin lace of Trairi, the filet lace of Jaguaribe, the crochet of Curral Grande, the croá fiber work of Tianguá, and the carnauba straw craftsmanship of Sobral.

The project aims to expand awareness of the creative potentials of Ceará and offer fresh perspectives on these crafts, collaborating with invited designers to develop collections of products with these groups. It's just the beginning of a project that seeks to map and delve into the craftsmanship and the women artisans of our Ceará.

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Dudu Bertholini, David Lee, Marina Bitú, Érico Gondim, Márcia Hissa, and Celina Hissa are the designers who will be working alongside the groups on the collections, already in development and scheduled for release in the second half of 2023. These bridges of dialogue between craftsmanship and design are one of the main goals of our work, and since 2015 they have gained their own methodology through the Catarina Mina Workshops.

With the Catarina Mina Workshops, we share the knowledge gained from our experience while strengthening the artisanal traditions of Ceará. We have developed a methodology of sharing and building that involves diagnosing and mapping the knowledge of a region, creating listening workshops and collective actions, developing products, strengthening associative groups, promoting the exchange of techniques and perspectives, experimenting with sustainable raw materials, creating space for new artisans in our network, and establishing connections between groups and new partners.


All the learnings and documentation from our immersion trips, research, and crafting will also be shared in an exhibition, to be held at the exhibition space of Catarina Mina store and on social media, via the @oficinas_catarinamina profile on Instagram.

We invite you to join us in these #CraftingCrossings and learn more about the craftsmanship and the artisans who weave the thread for the future of artisanry in Ceará. Are you coming?

Editorial for the collections.

Dudu Bertholini, stylist, designer, and fashion communicator, besides developing a collection with the lace makers from Trairi, also directed the creative editorial at Peroba beach in Icapuí, Ceará. His contribution to the initiative not only adds a touch of style and contemporaneity but also represents a valuable partnership between the fashion world and artisanal traditions. Dudu Bertholini is known for his talent in the fashion industry and his keen creative vision. His creative direction in the "Crafting Crossings" project is highlighted in various ways.

Integration of Traditional and Contemporary Elements

Dudu Bertholini is adept at balancing cultural heritage and traditional artisanal techniques with modern and contemporary elements. This results in collections that not only pay homage to local traditions but are also relevant to the current fashion scene.

Respect for Identities

Dudu Bertholini's creative direction highlights the authenticity of artisanal traditions, avoiding their misrepresentation. His creations celebrate local knowledge, valuing manual labor and techniques that are part of Brazil's cultural heritage.

Collaboration between Designers and Artisans

Dudu Bertholini not only contributes his creative vision to the project but also works closely with local artisans. His collaborative approach is an essential part of the success of "Travessias Artesanais", as he not only brings his perspective but also learns from the artisans and incorporates their ideas.

Art Direction

In addition to his contribution to the design of the pieces, Dudu Bertholini also takes on the art direction of the project, which includes creating the editorial to capture the essence of the 6 collections and the visited regions. His artistic vision is crucial for communicating the story behind each collection.

Commitment to Sustainability

Dudu Bertholini shares the project's commitment to sustainability. His creative direction includes promoting environmentally responsible practices, such as using natural materials and emphasizing sustainable production.

Catarina Mina - Fashion Film - Travessias Artesanais from Catarina Mina on Vimeo.

Fashion is a powerful platform for preserving traditions, supporting local communities, and promoting a more sustainable and conscious vision. Its balanced approach between the old and the modern makes this project a unique showcase of Brazil's cultural richness.

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Direção Geral: Celina Hissa (@celinahissa)

Direção Criativa e styling: Dudu Bertholini (@dudubertholini)

Assistente de Direção Criativa: Marcela Dahl

Fotografia: Nicolas Gondim (@nicolasgondim)

Assistente de Fotografia: Matheus Mesquita

Tratamento de imagem: Alan Uchôa

Beleza: Maciria Rodrigues (@maciriarodrigues)

Modelo: Angel | Agenciamento: Romualdo Cassiano

Vídeo: Pedro Tofo (@pedrotofo @caravelastudio)

Assistente de vídeo: Gelton Duarte (@geltonduarte)

Produção Executiva: Bicho Fotográfico (@bichofotografico)


Marketing: Thays Martins (@thaysbm), Assistente: Marissa Pimenta (@marissapimenta)

Desenvolvimento de produto: Gabriela Albuquerque (@gueibou)

Agência de Comunicação e Estratégia: Casa Salô ( | Lívia Salomoni, Patrícia Morais, Manú Fernandes, Fabrício Fidalgo, Humberto Queiroz e Julianne Almeida.


Papete: Projeto Ponto Firme (@projetopontofirme) e Jailson Marcos (@jailsonmarcos) para Rider (@rideroficial)

Fotos viagens Travessias: Jamille Queiroz

Fotos Estúdio: Igor de Melo

Fotos Brincos Márcia Hissa: Thiago Brigo

Fotos ensaio peroba: Nicolas Gondim