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supportive Maracanau

In Maracanau, a municipality in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, we were invited to a product consultancy with two local groups. The projects embraced sewing workshops, research and development of new products and creation of online portfolio

Viva creations

We created an intensive course of bag sewing for women who had the will to learn a trade to have a new form of income. In the end, we created a collection of handbags and accessories, we did the communication, model essay, and an online portfolio in the social networks of the group. We believe that product design must be integrated because everything is decisive in the way the group connects with the consumer.

Above, a production of photos coordinated by the designer of the team of the workshops Catarina Mina, Isa de Paula. Photography: Jamille Queiroz.

Pro-Art Network

 With another group, which already commercialized its creations collectively and united 30 artisans who worked with diverse typologies like papier maché, fabric, wood, boxes tetrapac and more ideas, we did a consultancy of product research, we developed a plural collection that embraced the doings of all the artisans and we also created an online portfolio, with photos made by Jamille, photographer of Catarina Mina.