FIA {artisans workshop}

FIA {artisans workshops} is born out of the desire to rethink the ties among market, artisans, designers and constumers.

This history begins with some provocations:
How to reflect on tradicional marketing formats and minimize the costs throughout the craft chain, valuing who matters most in the process: the artisan?
How to create new business models for design in Brazil and think about other economies?
How to ensure thtat the artisan receives an increasingly fair value for his work?
And how to put this artisan in direct contact with the consumer, who finds in this relationship of trust and mutual support a product at an affordable price?

Many times, the artisan is discouraged to make new pieces because there is no guaranteed sale. On the other hand, the pace of artisanal work is not in line with fast-track production and sales in large quantities.


During workshops held at Home of Solidarity Economy (Casa da Economia Solidária) by designer Celina Hissa, director of the Catarina Mina brand, for artisans from Sobral (Ceará), some answers emerged. Celina and the women’s groups exchanged many ideas, developed pieces and tuned their techniques. The objective in this initial stage – designed in the spirit of the solidarity economy and promoted by the Municipality of Sobral and by the Institute for Human Development (IADH) – was to improve the craftsmanship, the way of working in groups and maximize the profitability of the work of the artisans. At the end of the workshops, with a mini-collection created and pilot pieces ready to be reproduced, the main challenge came to the surface: how to make those pieces, so beautiful, made with so much affection and will reach the final consumer? Moreover, how can people who have dedicated themselves to crafts – and reinvented their processes – feel encouraged, confident and secure, even financially, with what they have produced?


Then, Celina exposed the idea for Silvana Parente, from the IADH. They talked to Lívia Salomoni, a marketing and communications specialist. Livia called nearby more people. Celina and Silvana spoke with professionals from the Home of Solidarity Economy (Casa da Economia Solidária) in Sobral. Talk goes, talk comes, and emerged the idea of entering the Catarse, but in a different way. Through the collective financing we obtained 222 supporters and in one month we made a pre-sale of almost R $ 40,000.00 and that’s how we gave the financial start to the first collection. Today, Fia has a pop-up here on our site, we have created a collection together with Neon and we have already partnered with OppaDesign.

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