A Catarina Mina

We are from Ceará. We are Brazilians. We make bags, all handmade. We´re are souls of crochet and thinking. We are a brand already 12 years on the road, on a work which sometimes is swimming against the tide. Nowadays we are producing on three mais settings: Fortaleza, capital of Ceará; Itaitinga, 40 km from the capital and in Aracatiaçu, district of Sobral, a city on the North of Ceará.

Our story

We are nowadays in United Kingdom, United States, France. We have been in fairs in Berlin, Paris, NY. Our products are spreding widely and this give us not only proud, but also full energy for work. For some years we made private label for brands like Água de Coco, Osklen, Le Lis Blanc, Daslu, Maria Garcia, Maria Filó, Lita Mortari.

In 2014 we decided for a revolution and publicized our production budget, inviting our consumers to talk, including designers and artisans, in order to understand more of our world and be closer to us.

For those and other reasons we were awarded with Vogue Brasil/Ecoera in 2015 and in 2016 with Brazil Design, by 3M. Those prizes and results motivates us to move foward and look ahead!

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Our history intertwines with the history of other brands we admire. And this was really important for our path. Take a look at what we have already done with them and understand a little bit more of our journey.

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The idea of a different fashion has always amazed us. A kind of fashion which could bring us more questions than answers. A product which comes with a question mark. Whe designed it, made it, reviewd it, crafted your bag before it got to your hands? And many other questions.

Our path to the future has got no given answers, but instead, built, in-process ones. Our path to the future gives us the will to deal with different materials, to rethink the language created through the bags. It is also to get together and work with more artisans in Itaitinga, Aracatiaçu, Fortaleza and wherever we can.

We believe that this work style only happens when we get together so now it is the moment to invite friends, partners and clientes so it can be even more possible, so it can multiply and pass though other hands. Talk about our project around you!

If you had any idea concerning the future of our brand, or if you have any solution to many of four questions, come together! E-mail us at celina@catarinamina.com.br ,


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