Água de Coco

Catarina Mina also makes partnerships with great brands, combining our knowledge of craft processes with the creativity and inventiveness of other stylists and designers. For Água de Coco, Catarina Mina has developed bikinis, maios, and handbags, highlighting the special shoulder pads that were featured in SPFW 2012.

File I Photos: SPFW I Credits: Catarina Mina + Osklen I Local: São Paulo – SP

Check out the Private Label developed for Osklen. Other brands have already been included in the list of private label clients who share the quality and value of the manual work with Catarina Mina, such as: Maria Filó, Maria Garcia, Miss Mano, Meio Tom, Cronic, Daslu, Lilla Ka, Lita Mortari, Vivere, Lelis Blanc and others.