Catarina Mina + Neon

Meet the collection that deliciously mixed the wishes of Celina Hissa, Dudu Bertholini, Rita Comparato and many + people! A delightful co-creation that mixes Upcycling, network thinking, Neon colors, wills and hands Catarina Mina, execution of our artisans, the seasoning of Celina Hissa and Dudu Bertholini, the collaboration of the plastic artist Manuela Eichner + photography by Patricia Araujo.

File | Photos: Artistic collaboration Manuela Eichner + Photography Patrícia Araujo

Dudu in our house

Creating together is diving, immersion. This is how we started: opening the doors of one of our most beloved groups. Aldenice, leader of the artisans of Itaitinga, 40km from Fortaleza, received Dudu Bertholini so that the stylist could connect even more to the process of thought and work of Catarina Mina.