Our Project


To value the people who think, create, sew our weave and our history. Opening our budget, calling you closer, investing less on talking about ourselves and more on who builds every single point of our brand, which is a circle of people holding hands, an union, a conversation to learn together.

The 1º brand in Brazil with 100% transparency


In 2015 we decided to embrace what already was in our soul: handicraft. But how could we embrace handmade and priviledge handcrafting without focusing on people? The artisan and the designer! Who creates it, who aims to create with needle and thread, who sews it, who reviews it and distributes the pieces…?

Keeping this in mind, we decide to make public the production budget of each of our products. It was a way to call attention to not only our priorities, but it was also a way of questioning what is so often taken for granted on the crafting of a fashion product. We were the first fashion brand in Brazil to undertake this initiative.

Such initiative goes further on bringing questions to the consumer, such as:

 “what´s behind it all and how does the fashion and production chain work in general? What kinds of lifestyle and thinkings we estimulate according to how we buy things?”

Our ideia is:

Less financial effort on the brand image and more dedication to people who really make Catarina Mina happen. This becomes real on our choice for raw material, on the amount paid to the artisans and seamstresses and also on the given respect to their own time and pace. Catarina Mina´s nature is outlined by the artisans and they get effective share of the company´s incomes. And this is not just small talk. It is, plain and simple, respect for commitment and the purpose of our brand.

The most special thing about Uma Conversa Sincera is to see it as a Project, something that will never be done. And through questioning, talking, rethinking we keep on finding answers, specially when we invite the consumer to join us. Consumer, artisan, designer play ring-around-a-rosie, like a ciranda, a net. An honest conversation.

{+ about the project}

#anhonestconversation happens when: you know who crafts your bag thread by thread, who apllies the chain, who sews the inside. You know who designs, creates, photographs, writes and sends the bag to Camila, Nicole, Bia, Thay, and hopes they use the brand and want the handicraft in their lives. You know who writes the newsletter, the production. You know who, in Itaitinga, gather other people around and teaches the art of weave, interweave, embroidery, tapestry, Manuel sewing. Who, in Morro Santa Terezinha, does household chores while makes a recipe on a crochet notebook. You know who wraps it. Whose are the red nails on the photo, who´s behind the daily planning. You know all with no need to ask, we have an open budget. That´s why everybody is a kind of partner at Catarina Mina, sings together, dance ciranda together. Betting on this idea makes us one of you and makes you one of us. So, the proposal is, for the next few days, more than never, you´ll be part of this project with us.

{Partilhando resultados}

2 anos do projeto #umaconversasincera

{Know our values}

# Open budget + Transparency
# Artisanal Product
# Buy from the small ones
# Respect in production
# Affective economy
# Made in Brazi
# Network thinking
# Conscious consumption
# Eco-friendly
# Atemporal design
# Valorization of the local culture